Web Design Trends for 2017 – Part 1

Web design has constantly been evolving for the last 20 or so years. Every year there are new trends and concepts that manages to sweep us off the floor. At the center of this ever evolving trend is the end user experience. Lately, the focus has been to enable the flow of content that is easy, fluid, more responsive and easily accessible.

Keeping these points in mind, here are design trends you should consider for the upcoming year 2017:

Hero Images

It is said that a man sees through images and HD images with smart and intelligent call to action messages can really boost your conversion ratios. Hero images are being increasingly used to capture users’ attention and with the advent of faster internet services, websites are now able to feature even HD images with ease.

Material Design

Designers and users all over the world have been smitten by the flat design craze over the last year, and Google has released a material design style language to aid the designers. There are designers like Aquro who are now using designs that depict the elements of light and shadows along with a material responsive design with grid layouts. The use of animations is also on the rise.

Videos and Animations

unnamedA new trend that is being increasingly seen by the end users is the use of animations and videos in the background. Depending on the layout of the page, the overall message that the web designer wants to convey; background animations and videos can either enhance user experience or end up distracting them.

The important element to note here is that the animation and video playback should be seamless and without breaks. Otherwise the whole effect might get ruined. This is done by controlling the frame rates. These animations and videos can improve the visibility of the site and help it stand out from the crowd.