The Future of Web Design – Age of Context

Here are just some of the most dominating trends in the world of web design:

  • card style design
  • single page layout
  • responsive web design
  • materialist design

hind-fullscreen-digital-portfolio-theme-1The reason behind the emergence of these new age web design and trends is the increase in number of mobiles, tablets and notebooks that people use to access the Internet and websites while on the go.

So what is the future? Experts believe that the future is the Age of Context. According to Robert Scoble, there are five main forces that will determine the various aspects of people’s lives on a virtual level and they are:

  • mobile
  • social media
  • data sensors
  • contextual computing
  • e-commerce

As far as web design is concerned, contextual computing is already being used to some extent. It has gone commercial and more positive changes are being expected as netizens further move into the future.

Grid is already helping designers use artificial intelligence to build websites and apps, and has the ability to change things whenever something new is added to them. In the future, these websites will be able to adapt itself based on the user visiting the website and his or her preferences and types.

There is a very strong possibility that people will start interacting with all the information that is available to them in new and different ways. Some believe that instead of networking with computers, people will begin networking with humans instead. This will also have its impact on the way people build and interact with websites.

In the future, there is a possibility that people will enter the websites as virtual beings using their wearable devices and go for a digital tour. In order to accommodate these users, it will be necessary to build websites that can support these technologies.

So the future of web design is very interesting as of now.