How to Increase Site Sales by Changing your Web Design?

Here is a fact that will astonish you. 99 percent of people who visit an eCommerce site never buy anything on their first visit, and most of these users never return for the second time. This is vital information if you want your business to do well in terms of sales and conversion.

So how do you achieimages-8ve this? Here are some web design tips that will help you boost your conversion and ultimately sales.

The first tip is to use a color that will help you convert more. A study of 450 participants found that color does play a role in conversions and familiarity of brand on eCommerce websites. Another study has found out that people usually make up their minds on whether to buy or not within 90 seconds of interacting with the product on the page.

Same colors may have different effects on men and women. Therefore it is advisable to use colors depending on your demographics and customers. Cadbury has done a wonderful job of using the purple color to depict luxury, whereas Facebook and Twitter both uses blue color to instill a feeling of trust and confidence for their brands.

Blue is the most liked color for both men and women, so if you are in doubt, simply use any shade of a blue color coupled with a neat and clean design and you have a winner.

Another design element that can help you increase your sales is using anchor pricing. The first thing you have to do is to show list price, and just below the list price, you are supposed to anchor the selling price in bold and a larger font. This will create an impression that the buyer is getting a bargain. Amazon does a wonderful job of using this technique to successfully increase its sales.