3 Mobile SiteThings to Avoid

When it comes to building mobile friendly websites, there are good suggestions and there are bad suggestions. There is a lot of bad advice on the Internet and it is time to debunk the myths.

Here are three mobile site design suggestions that you should steer clear of:

Converting a Desktop Site into Mobile Sitewebsite-para-pme

This is perhaps the oldest advice. People get lazy and think they can simply convert their desktop site into a mobile site, which is not advisable. It might sound like the logical thing to do but it is not. Mobile users have lower attention span and they have smaller screens to access the same amount of data. Internet connection is also usually slower on these devices. Hence, it is necessary to build a site that can display only the most relevant information in the least space possible on these devices.

Mobile Site Based on Desktop Site’s Analytics

This is another common mistake that most web designers and website owners commit. A mobile dedicated site has a different URL than that of a desktop based site, and this means that its analytics will show different information than that of a desktop site.

Therefore it is important to make sure that you are building your mobile site based on the information and analytics that is being displayed by your dedicated mobile analytics, and you are not using desktop site’s analytics to do the same.

Creating Different Mobile Dedicated Site

Finally, one of the worst pieces of advice your web designer can give you is that you should create two different sites, one for desktop and one for mobile. This will lead to two different URLs which is not recommended as it will adversely affect your search engine rankings which you do not want. So make sure there is a single URL for both sites.